For 22 years, we have helped prisoners, former prisoners, and incarcerated youth build Second Acts through engagement with the arts.


For his infinite contributions to society, and his great big heart, we celebrate danny.

Prison Performing Arts is deeply saddened by the passing of 13-year board veteran, Daniel H. Kohl. Danny's unwavering dedication to social justice, civil rights, education and the environment is unmatched. We miss him enormously, but we know his lifetime of achievements will continue to benefit our world for generations. Thank you, Danny, for putting your heart and soul into PPA participants for so many years. We miss you. We love you.
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Wardens see the behavioral changes: increased tolerance, self-confidence, social skills and commitment. The Missouri Director of Corrections, George Lombardi, says the impact—on participants and the broader prison culture—is so positive, he wants us in every Missouri prison.

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All the World's a Stage features the men of the Theatre Company at MECC, Pacific MO performing some of Shakespeare's most beloved scenes, soliloquies and Sonnets as well as monologues and commentary they have written themselves about what Shakespeare's words mean to them and stories stirred by Hamlet's "To be or not to be" and the famous manipulation scene in Othello between Othello and Iago.
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