For over two decades, we have helped prisoners, former prisoners, and incarcerated youth build Second Acts through engagement with the arts.


honoring our founder

The Agnes Wilcox Founder's Fund was established in 2015 to sustain and grow PPA's flagship prison program.  The Fund was started by Mark and Peggy Holly in honor of the immense contributions of PPA founder Agnes Wilcox.  Agnes was an inspiration to many --- from prisoners to theater critics, from incarcerated youth to the most...


ACT V Fans: your Challenge

As you know, episode 218: Act V aired recently with updates about the men involved. I'm sure you were happy to hear some of the great stories of where these guys are now. Join other fans with a donation to the first Act V Fan Sponsored Prison Project. You'll also see a great video from Ira Glass and why he supports Prison Performing Arts.


Join Us in prison!

Julius Caesar Remix Act II is a fast-paced, action-filled tragedy - A psychological drama between the men who fight for the honor of Rome, against the conspirators who have murdered Julius Caesar. This dynamic tale of honor, patriotism and friendship, is as relevant today as it was in Shakespeare's time - brought to life by the the men of Prison Performing Arts.