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Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center (WERDCC)
vandalia, MO
spring 2018


In 2017, PPA began a collaboration with St. Louis University’s Department of Fine and Performing Arts. Lucy Cashion, Assistant Professor of Theatre, and PPA Director of Youth Programs, Rachel Tibbetts, taught weekly poetry, playwriting, and development workshops with PPA participants at the women’s prison (WERDCC) in Vandalia, MO. The group studied, explored, and wrote about the Ancient Greek Princess Antigone. 

Antigone's story of fighting civic law to obey divine law became famous in the Classical Greek tragedy Antigone, which premiered in Athens in 441 B.C. Since then, scholars, poets, and playwrights have written their own translations, adaptations, and critiques of the Antigone story, each from a different point of view. The continuation of this tradition resulted in a new version of Antigone, which was performed in October 2017 by SLU theatre majors in St. Louis.

The collaboration continued with a performance by PPA participants at WERDCC in March 2018. 


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Watch online

View the Spring 2018 performance of Antigone on our YouTube channel below!



”Love this program, the girls, and all the people who make it possible.”

“They're human, all the same.”

“It was wonderful to talk to the cast and connect with them, my comfort level increased.
Amazing, talented, great women.”

“The talent (raw talent) needs to be continually worked with. Truly inspirational performances.”

“It was incredible seeing people with little professional experience in this area produce such a professional production.”

“I enjoyed the positive camaraderie.”

“I see myself as less different than inmates.”

“This was such an incredible performance. The text, the movement the presence...everything was so effective.”

“Such a cool and awesome experience! I loved every minute. This is exactly something I can get behind and think needs to be in prisons. I'm all for this!”

“PPA is fantastic.”


“Thank you again, and again, and again!”

“It's always beautiful to see the sense of play inherit in every human soul.”

“Keep doing the amazing work you do! I know the obstacles are many and the frustration and setbacks sometimes overwhelming, but this is life-changing, life-sustaining art. Thank you!”