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Hip Hop Hamlet (northeast correctional center)
Thursday, February 26th, 2015

to be or not to be - Hip Hop Hamlet 2015

Agnes Wilcox Tribute Video

Why Ira Glass Supports Prison Performing Arts

Official Trailer: "Staging Reflections of the Buddha"

"The Pulitzer is partnering with Prison Performing ArtsSt. Patrick Center, and Employment Connection to present Staging Reflections of the Buddha, a community project inspired by our highly successful Staging Old Masters project of 2009. This project unites theater, visual arts, and social work to build connections between the art and all audiences while transforming lives and fostering connections between communities.
Integral to the exhibition Reflections of the Buddha is the Pulitzer’s pioneering Staging program. Over five months, a group of former prisoners and homeless veterans become actors through weekly workshops that also include art exploration and instruction, theater exercises, meditation, and rehearsals. Concurrently, the actors work with St. Patrick Center and Employment Connection to apply their art experiences toward achieving their goals, which include obtaining housing and employment and re-integrating into society. These workshops culminate in performances of an original work created by the actors under the direction of Agnes Wilcox, artistic director of Prison Performing Arts. This work will intertwine the actors’ personal stories and experiences with the histories of the art works in the exhibition. On March 10, 2012, Staging will mark the closing of Reflections of the Buddha and its performances with a ceremony uniting the actors with their fellow members of the St. Louis community."


- Pulitzer Arts, 2015