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hip hop hamlet
women’s eastern reception, diagnostic & correctional center (WERDCC)
Bowling Green, MO
september 2018


This very cool, updated hip-hop version of Hamlet, explodes upon the stage in a re-envisioned production by the actors at the Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center. Hip Hop Hamlet was developed originally by PPA Founder, the late Agnes Wilcox, Elizabeth Charlebois, the men at Northeast Correctional Center; and coached by the famous Q Brothers.


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View the August 2018 performance of Hip Hop Hamlet on our YouTube channel below!



”I know a lot of these women and love them dearly. Great Work!”

“Every time I see a PPA performance, the human face of the criminal justice system becomes more in focus.”

“The women are far more skilled, competent, and intelligent then I previously would credit.”

“I have seen several PPA productions at Vandalia from the beginning. This company has grown tremendously in confidence and ability.”

“I'm currently in a class taught by Dr. Barbara Baumgartner called Women & Prison. I'm glad to have seen this side of it!”

“When my class decided to go to come see this play, I was not sure what I would see, but it was way better than I imagined. Bravo!”

“It helps you see them as real people, instead of faceless number.”

“These amazing women did a sensational job! Thank you! It was pleasure being in your audience.”

“I don't know if it changed my mind as much as affirmed how more alike than different we are.”

“It was wonderful to see them smiling, happy, & looking feeling like "regular" people!”

“These women could have been any of my friends see you being very successful when you are released. I just hope they are all successful when released.”

“This performance helped me understand how much inmates can evolve and be empowered.”

“It gave me hope.”

“The sisterhood of this team is amazing.”

“Having a BFA in Theatre performance, I fully appreciate everything that goes into a piece such as this. Kudos to all of you!”

“Every member of the company gave and outstanding performances. I was blown away by their poise and amazing talent.”

“I had a great time, and had a smile on my face the whole time.”

“Thank you so much, keep it up, count on my support! Brava! You are real people; you are real women!”

“This was one of (perhaps the one) favorite performers of PP I've seen. These women were so spiritually connected to one another.”

“What I see in these productions is what makes our world work, whether inside or outside an institution.”

“Loved the hip hop. It was very lively!”

“I have been coming to WERDCC almost from opening date. I'm always amazed that these girls make the best of a bad situation. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a sorority house. These girls are incredibly supportive of one another.”

“I hope these ladies never forget what they are capable of when they work hard and belong to a community.”

“Bravo/Bravisimo!!! On par with professional theatre.”

“The level of performance commitment was as strong as many prof. and ed. shows I've worked on. I'd be so proud to work and perform with you. You schooled me in so many ways. Bravo!”

“This was such a pleasure! I loved the originality! The enthusiasm. I want to come again!! (Loved the Jerry aspect- LOL)”

“One of the best plays I've seen.”

“Very glad to have been able to experience this fun, committed performance.”

“You are recognized. You are inspiring. You are loved.”

“Amazing experience! Will come back.”

“I thought the play and the actors were fabulous and I'm glad I got to see it! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”