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This american life act v fans, ppa challenges you to sponsor a prison project!

As you know, episode 218: Act V aired recently with updates about the men involved. I'm sure you were happy to hear some of the great stories of where these guys are now. Chris and Edgar are PPA board members, Brat performs regularly with Edgar and Chris as part of our Alumni Theatre Company in St. Louis. Our men's prison program at MECC is strong, just finishing an in-prison performance,Of Fathers & Kings,
inspired by Richard the Third. It was a powerful theatrical and poetic exploration of men’s roles in family and society.
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Wardens see the behavioral changes: increased tolerance, self-confidence, social skills and commitment. Your financial support allows men, women, and young people in the criminal and juvenile justice systems to be inspired. They are inspired to create. They are inspired to trust. They are inspired to learn. They are inspired to be their best selves.

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