DOC Security Forms - "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" in Vandalia, mo

Important Instructions: These three forms are required to attend First Impressions at the women's prison in Vandalia. Please download and complete the highlighted fields in the three security forms below. Forms must be submitted to PPA by the RSVP deadline of Monday, May 6, 2019 and will be utilized by the Missouri DOC for a Criminal History Check Screening.

Security Forms - Common Questions Answered: Please note, these are forms provided by the Missouri Department of Corrections. If you have a Missouri driver's license, you may substitute that number in fields that request your social security number. The form "Staff Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Acknowledgement" requests an "employee" signature. You may write in "guest," but we still need your signature in this field. The guide mentioned is available below for review. Witness signatures on all three forms are not necessary. PPA will sign as your witness. Per the rules of entry regarding surgically implanted metal hardware, notes from physicians are NOT REQUIRED for PPA guests.

Required Security Forms (three pages)
Click Here to download the DOC Security Forms (Three forms - Required fields are highlighted)

Harassment Guide (For review only)
Click Here to download the MO Department of Corrections Harassment Guide

Rules for Entry and Dress Code (For review only)
Click Here to download the Rules for Entry and Dress Code

Submit Your Completed Security Forms to PPA: Please upload your completed security forms below. Please note you must print and sign the three forms before submitting.

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